Finding my Soul where the Blacktop ends… Father’s Day 2013

Over the past 7 months as we have relocated to East Texas and really over the past year and a half as my wife and boys have been in Texas caring for my mother I’ve had quite a bit of time to think back over all my years growing up without a father in my life. As I watch how much my boys have grown these past several months, the sacrifices they have made for us to care for my mother in her later years, how much they are giving of themselves to serve others, my heart wants more than ever to provide the very best quality of life for them, invest in their spiritual growth, be a healthy father … [Read More...]

Reflections while in the Battle

It has been a while sine I last wrote as we have been getting moved back to East Texas, putting our things in storage, getting the family situated; as well as, traveling to film, SHOT Show, ATA Show, Speaking Engagements, as well as meeting with much needed sponsors to take Man Up Outdoors to the networks, all while looking for full-time employment in East Texas.  Glad I am not taking a stress test right now, I would blow it off the charts. In each of our lives there will be stressful times which cause us to question so much of our journey, stress in relationships between spouses, children, … [Read More...]

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