Finding my Soul where the Blacktop ends… Father’s Day 2013

Over the past 7 months as we have relocated to East Texas and really over the past year and a half as my wife and boys have been in Texas caring for my mother I’ve had quite a bit of time to think back over all my years growing up without a father in my […]

Reflections while in the Battle

It has been a while sine I last wrote as we have been getting moved back to East Texas, putting our things in storage, getting the family situated; as well as, traveling to film, SHOT Show, ATA Show, Speaking Engagements, as well as meeting with much needed sponsors to take Man Up Outdoors to the […]

Man Up Outdoors with Kerry Mackey

The past several months have been full of emotion, wonder, excitement, stress, amazement and pure joy.  If you would have told me as a child that one day I would be entertaining the launch of an outdoor television series (Man Up Outdoors with Kerry Mackey), I wouldn’t have believed you.  Having been raised in a […]

The Mackey’s move to North East Texas

Over the past several months we have been on a journey that affects all of us in life… the journey of ailing parents.  As many of you know Stephanie and the boys have been in Texas on and off since March of this year providing care for my mom.  During that time Pastor Matthew and […]

Leaving a Legacy of godly MEN…

I initially posted this article as “Raising Modern Day Warriors” back a year and a half ago.  In recent days I feel an even stronger sense to reclaim the masculine hearts of men.  Join my Facebook Page and join me in this movement at .  Also allow us the privilege of sharing with you at […]


While watching hundreds of Outdoor Hunting, Fishing, and Shooting Shows over the past 20+ years I’ve noticed that some have it, and some don’t. It’s the traits that we hope to share with you through our media outlets here in video, written, and spoke word. So what is it?  CHARISMA… Is it a natural gifting, can […]

Revisiting, “Character is more than talk.”

I was reminded in recent days of an article I wrote back some time ago and decided to repost it as we learn together. ________ Eight to Ten years ago I read, “Ordering Your Private World” by Gordon MacDonald which addresses the question of does your private life truly impact your public life.  As you […]

Product Review: Cody James® Men’s Square Toe Stockman Boots

Earlier this Spring I was contacted by Rachel Pryde with the Social Media Team at Boot Barn about writing a gear review on a pair of boots from their collection.  The first thing that went through my mind was, “Boy, I could really use a new pair of Justin’s.”  Being that I am an old […]

Jimmy Sites – Spiritual Outdoor Adventures

We had the privilege of having Jimmy Sites with Spiritual Outdoor Adventures on Coast2Coast Outdoors tonight.  What an honor to share Jimmy’s story with you.  Jimmy is so passionate about the outdoor industry and communicating the love and message of Jesus Christ with you.  He has been so influential in providing the industry with a […]

Father’s Day: T.C. Stallings VIDEO Interview

I had the privilege of interviewing T.C. Stallings from the movie, “Courageous” this past Father’s Day weekend at Friends Church in Yorba Linda, Ca.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being a part of the weekend. Interview begins at minute 26:47 on the clip provided below.