“Integrity. The first word of many to come to mind when describing Kerry Mackey and the work of ChaplaintotheOutdoorsmen. Kerry has made it his goal to live his own life by this lofty standard and to lead other men to the same through his teaching and coaching for whom we as men are truly called to be as husbands, fathers and leaders. Simply put, he is an encourager that loves the Lord and generously gives of himself to others.”


Eric Ebbinghaus
Twitter: @HausofGuns 

“Things turned even more positive for me when I met Kerry Mackey, Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen. Being a believer in God, I was intrigued when I watched as his blog and ministry grew. We instantly became friends and shared not only hunting stories, but life stories. Who would have guessed that our first face-to-face meeting would be at a Bass Pro Shops for a hunting seminar? He is a great listener, motivator, outdoorsman and family man. He is not a preach AT you kind of guy. Instead, he shares the word of God through his life experiences and that is just one of the reasons I am proud to call him friend.

“I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one out there that wonders if anyone is on their side. Someone that is thinking and praying for them in the hustle and bustle of every day life. The Chaplain to the Outdoorsman, Kerry Mackey, has most definitely alleviate any of that wonder since we were first able to chat via phone. It’s rare to meet someone that so quickly builds your trust in their motive, and opens the door to serve you any way they can. I appreciate the fact that I know that Kerry Mackey is praying for me and my family, and is always there to be a sounding board should I need it.  Thanks Kerry!”
Daniel White


“There are few decisions in my life that I look at and think ‘I should have made this move years ago.’ This is the case for me and my coaching relationship with Kerry Mackey, Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen.   In order to be a successful leader in any organization or industry it is vital to have a neutral party who acts as a sounding board, guide, and quite frankly, holds you in check.  Kerry does all of these for me and I can honestly say that the direction and the victories we are experiencing as a company have been a direct result of our relationship with the ‘Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen.’  Kerry’s willingness to listen, offer sound advice, his encouragement, and prayers on our behalf help to give us the confidence and wisdom we need to continue to press forward.  If you are serious about growing as a person and growing your business, I would highly recommend his coaching services.”

r.b. wright
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