Reflections while in the Battle

Kerry, Stephanie, Caleb, Josiah, Levi, & Silas

It has been a while sine I last wrote as we have been getting moved back to East Texas, putting our things in storage, getting the family situated; as well as, traveling to film, SHOT Show, ATA Show, Speaking Engagements, as well as meeting with much needed sponsors to take Man Up Outdoors to the networks, all while looking for full-time employment in East Texas.  Glad I am not taking a stress test right now, I would blow it off the charts.

In each of our lives there will be stressful times which cause us to question so much of our journey, stress in relationships between spouses, children, co-workers, colleagues, and classmates.  It is during these stressful times we have to hold steadfast to our relationship with Christ.  Jesus must be the bedrock of our decision making.  If we do not stay close and clean, we are more likely to stray from the centerline.

Case in point… I’ve said that if you are not getting shot at, you are not in the battle… spiritual battle that is.  In the past 5 months Satan has thrown everything he possibly can at us.  The stress level is very high for us.  Moving our family from Southern California and a GREAT Church where I served as the Adult Team Pastor (Friends Church) to East Texas to care for an ailing parent when we do not have a secured job role yet.  We put everything in storage.  My wife and I along with our 4 boys (12,7,6,4) are living with my ailing mother for a short time until we can get situated.  We are blessed to be debt free and as Dave Ramsey suggests we had 3 months of expenditures saved up for a time just like this, but those days are coming to a close.  I have submitted 350 resumes, had 24 phone interviews, with only 3 requests for an in-person interview.  We have had dozens of companies say that since I have been a pastor these past 16 years that , “you’ve been out of the work-force too long”, “you’re just not qualified for this particular position”, “you don’t have the certifications required”, etc…  As if leading several staffs with dozens of employees, tens of millions of dollars in resources, multiple locations, and thousands of volunteers is not a part of the “work-force”.   In addition, we have met with hundreds of potential sponsors for the outdoor show to no avail.  Now, I would say that is a stressful time…

If we were not completely confident in our relationship with the Lord, our relationships with each other, and our calling to serve an ailing parent at this particular time in history, this could get really messy.  But we know that this is as scripture says, only a short term affliction.  Remember, you have to look at the legacy you are leaving and the reflections while in the battle may be ones of blood, sweat, and tears… the price of the battle brings eternal reward not yet seen.

Just a thought!

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